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Artificial Intelligence Research Institute carries out research on intelligence to better understand the computation selves and to create spaces of practical applications. We are interested in the following topics:
Automatic Choreography Generation
Dancing along music is a highly cognitive human behavior. We are interested in creating dancing machines that learn dancing from motion and music pairs. Figuring out what dancing is to human in the first place is very crucial before we develop any machine learning technologies and this teaches us more about natural intelligence. This research initiative has won the 2019 AWS Machine Learning Research Awards.
Anomaly Detection
We are interested in anomaly detection on time-series data such as vibrations that come from for example city trains and factory machines. We hear much demand of anomaly detection applications from the industrial sector. However, we normally miss anomaly data since it’s very difficult to obtain which makes the problem more interesting.
AI and Art
We attempt creating artworks using AI. We develop robot performances and exhibitions that use technology. Interactive and intelligent works of art must be a new frontier of both technology and art.
Novel Robots and Embodied Computation
Body structure and the composition of material affect the intelligence of a robot. Thus, body must be a crucial element of a robotic agent. The apps running only in any computer cannot claim the role of body for intelligence. However, when intelligence possess body like robots, they write different story. We seek clever use of body for intelligence robots. We agree that the statement: “function follows form” and claim that intelligent robots are intelligent sculptures.
Taehee Kim
Professor at Youngsan University,
Head in project
Prof. Taehee Kim studied Artificial Intelligence in 90's at the Edinburgh University, U.K. to earn his Ph.D. He worked as a senior researcher at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information late 90's before he joined Youngsan University in 1999, now working as one of faculty members of the School of Culture & Content. He is interested in automatic motion generation for robots. He and his members are working on automatic dance motion generation according to given music. Prof. Kim is also an active digital media artist.
Youngtae Lee
Professor at Youngsan University
Prof. Youngtae Lee, once a productive researcher and a successful CEO who had built his own company on automatic character recognition, is now a faculty member at the Youngsan University. He is interested in orchestrating technologies to create business opportunities.
Wonseok Kim
Professor at Youngsan University
Prof. Wonseok Kim is a faculty member at the School of Culture & Contents of Youngsan University. Prof. Kim's specialty is in Computer Graphics, being fluent in tools to build computer games. He ran his own game company before he recently joined Youngsan University.
Dongwoo Kim
A graduate of Design Department at Youngsan University
Dongwoo Kim, a graduate of Design Department at Youngsan University, recently joined Intelligence Design, Inc. As a graphic designer, she also took heavy AWS training courses. She administrates AWS for our projects that employ machine learning functionalities.
Seunghwan Baek
Professor at Youngsan University
Prof. Baek is a faculty member at the Department of Intelligent Robots of Youngsan University. His main research area is industrial robots and automation. He was a CEO of his own company for medical robots.
Jong-in Choi
Professor at Youngsan University
Prof. Jong-in Choi is a Computer Graphics specialist. After His Ph.D. at Korea University he joined NCSOFT a major game company, Korea. He contributed to the research force especially in the AI field. He is now a professor at Seoul Women's University, Seoul and serves as an external research fellow.
Minho Lee
An undergraduate student of Youngsan University majoring in Virtual Reality
Minho is an undergraduate student of Youngsan University majoring in Virtual Reality. He is a competent game programmer and interested in machine learning.